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In the current job market all the hiring organisations, is keenly looking forward to a distinct kind of skill in its potential employees, besides, technical skills. Soft skills virtually refer to the ways you carry yourself in the professional world.

Your interaction with colleagues, superiors and professional dedication for completing a task without taking any work pressure come under the realm of soft skills. All organisations tend to expect their employees to know how to behave on the job.They often presume that every individual has a reasonable understanding of how important it is to be on time, working as a team, taking initiatives and bring out excellent quality work. Whatsoever role you may be looking forward in your organisation, possessing strong soft skills can put you a step ahead in the competition and make you a true professional.

 Odisha State Open University through the online programme in Soft Skills aims to increase learner’s computer knowledge and unique soft skills so as to develop attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, earning power and job performance.The objective of the programme is to inculcate potential skills in the learners to prepare them to deal with the external world in a collaborative manner, communicate effectively, take initiative, solve problems, and demonstrate a positive work ethic so as to hold a good impression and positive impact.