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Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs, have become integral to the learning strategies of almost every individual and by this time we all know how to learn through MOOCs. This course is about how to develop a MOOC, from an Instructor’s/Developers perspective. We will discuss the architecture of a MOOC, the various stages in a MOOC offering and best practices. 

Course Audience
  • Instructors who want to teach a MOOC
  • System Administrators who want to create MOOC Portals.
  • Anybody who wants to learn about MOOCs and what happens behind-the-scenes
Outcomes of this Course
  • Features of a MOOC and MOOC management system
  • Course analytics 
  • How to prepare and deliver video lectures
  • How to run a MOOC
Start Date
20th December 2019
15 days (last date 05th January 2020)





Two levels of certification are available based on your level of participation and completion of tasks/activities:

  • Certificate of Participation: requires 60% on  all quizzes.
  • Certificate of Completion: requires 60% on all quizzes and the creation and sharing of MOOC Activity Plan (MAP)
Mr. Aseem Kumar Patel
Academic Consultant
Odisha State Open University (OSOU)